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Boston Bike Film Festival

October 23, 2015

The 10th annual Boston Bike Film Festival 
Boston's Original Bike Film Festival
At the historic
Regent Theatre

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In Arlington Center!

Festival Schedule

7 p.m.- Doors open

  • Social hour with music by Slow Boat Home

  • Silent Auction (bidding at intermission too)

  • Snacks for sale

  • Cash bar.

8 p.m. - Films start. Note that they may not be in this order.

  • Making a Splash in Miami by Greg Hum

  • Menotomy Bike Tuneup Clinic by Bob Schulein

  • Velo Visionaries – Chris Carlsson by Kristin Tieche

  • Living and Riding in Boston by Adam Myerson

  • Cycloville by David Branigan

  • Velo Visionaries – Morgan Fitzgibbons by Kristin Tieche

  • Bikes vs. Cars by Fredrik Gertten




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